Buchanan Park, Lancaster, Pa

The Rose Garden was established in 1951 with a bequest of $1,000 from the first president of the Men’s Garden Club, John A. Fritz. A bronze plaque was placed in the garden at that time. “John A. Fritz Memorial Rose Garden presented by Men’s Garden Club to the City of Lancaster – 1951.”

Located along Buchanan Avenue in Lancaster City, the gardens have been maintained on a continual basis by our members. Replacement roses, mulch and fertilizer are provided by the City of Lancaster. Under the current leadership of Joy Dietrich, our club continues to care for this beautiful garden.

In 2004, Harry Collins, a man of many talents and a great organizer of our club, died and ginkgo tree was planted in his honor. In 2005, Gerald Snoke, another great gardener and teacher, died and a rose bush was planted. In 2006, Daniel Detwiler died and his family wanted to remember him in our Rose Garden, which he lived close to for many years. Monies from his memorial fund were used to add new rose bushes.

June 5
Evening in the Rose Garden
Buchanan Park, Lancaster

Friday, June 6, 2013
Evening Among the Roses
Celebrating 63 years of stewardship by LCGC.
The Wheatland Middle school string soloists under the direction of Michelle Wingert performed.
LCGC members acedt as hosts with light refreshments.
Rose Garden in Buchanan Park, Race Ave., behind F&M campus.


For a more permanent memorial, the Club has placed three bronze plaques in the Rose Garden at Buchanan Park. Two were purchased by our club and one from the Detwiler monies.

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